Tailored corporate training and interactive user guides.

Building together sustainable transfer of knowledge.

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Should you invest on training with us, you can claim <PIC> 400% tax deductions and / or 60% cash payout, until 2015.
Simple + Smart is a consultant company that specialises in tailored solution for our clients‘ unique requirements. Our services cover technical and business documentation as well as corporate training flexible session.
Our core business is unique as we combine advice, documentation and training depending on your needs and requirements.

  • We work with you to do a deep analysis of your environment, learning about your business processes and objectives, and the applications used to achieve them. We create both an inventory of your current documentation and maps your transfer of knowledge processes if any are in place. We assist you with your business requirements, functional specs and any other project documentation.

  • Therefore, we both ensure that you have a comprehensible and complete track of your information.

  • Working with your business, we understand and record the tasks the final users complete with your application. We assist on the go with your business processes documentation.

  • At the end of your system integration tests (SIT) session, we help you to shorten the deadlines before the user acceptance tests (UAT) sessions. How? We prepare the user guides and training material at that stage and give you ergonomics advices, potentials bugs and any other user logic. Ready to launch your UAT, we train the trainers and users to optimise the tests sessions.

  • After the session, we optimise the user guides and training.

  • Our services also include administrator‘s platform user guides, and maintenance of your alive transfer of knowledge cycle. Last but not least, we deliver the material in pdf, html, iBook, web pages or any other e-learning format you require.

Simple solutions, delivered in a Smart way.