We provide your corporate training and comprehensible solution.

We provide e-learning services.

Simple solutions, delivered in a Smart way.

We deliver your training material in HTML, iBooks, PDF... or any required format.
Our common scope is to provide you with our long experience in training, user guides and documentation that are:
  • User friendly,
  • Comprehensible with practical examples,
  • On interactive device or web pages.

What are the benefits?

  • We raise your Return On Investment.
  • We raise your repeat business rate.
  • We lower your support costs.
  • We enhance the efficiency of fully trained users dealing with your application and procedures.

How is it possible?

With an accurate documentation and training, the reader understands on the spot the information.
Our interactive user guide is easily found, full of keywords, with practical examples.
No more frustrating hours of support calls close to deadlines.
It helps the usual staff as well as the new comers.
Your staff and customers are satisfied. They know how to fully work with your application and apply easily your business procedures.
Meanwhile, the flexible training sessions enhance your staff commitment to retain the knowledge you transfer.
Your business continues smoothly, your investment is not wasted.